GLOBAL FLUID CONTROLS LTD has a dedicated pipework division to undertake all industrial and commercial pipework installations. Working to deliver pipework installations as a stand-alone service or within a managed project from inception to completion with no need for a separate contractor.


We can assist in the design, procurement and installation of all aspects of pipework to meet your specific requirements. Offering a full turnkey solution to your project.


Methods of installation we offer;

Welded (Various Techniques), Fusion welded plastics, Screwed pipework, Soldered pipework, Brazed pipework, Glued plastics, Press systems, Compression systems, Groove lock, Push-fit, Pre-insulated pipework.

We have delivered pipework install services to many clients across a wide range of sectors. GLOBAL FLUID CONTROLS LTD have considerable experience as pipework installers and repair engineers within the Construction, F&M, Laundry, Energy & Power, Automotive, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical industries.

For all your pipework installation needs or any other pipework queries, please contact us and we will respond to your requirements as requested.

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